Park Rules

  1. Check out time is 12 Noon – Check in time is 12 Noon.
  2. Speed limit in park is 5 mph – please observe.
  3. Clotheslines, fireworks and firearms are prohibited
  4. Do not destroy trees or damage property.
  5. Site must be kept neat and clean. Trash must be tied in plasticbags and placed in trash cans.
  6. Do not place garbage in trash cans in restrooms.
  7. No more than two licensed vehicles of any type are permitted per site.
  8. Washing your vehicle is permitted with a $5.00 charge per wash.
  9. Pets are welcome on a leash only. Do not leave your pets unattended. It is your responsibility to clean up after them, failing to do so may cause you to be asked to leave.
  10. You will only be notified one time – consider this to be the one time.
  11. If you are asked to leave, you will not be given a refund if these rules are not observed.
  12. Water faucets: Blue faucets are drinking water! Responsibility to clean up after your pet.

Enjoy your stay! Come again!